Spam Policy –

Ignorance is no defense where SPAM is concerned – when in doubt, contact us.

SPAM consists of the following:

The sending of unsolicited email – meaning that the recipient of your email hasn’t specifically requested the information you are sending, and/or the recipient of your email hasn’t specifically agreed to receive your email.

Inappropriate postings in the Newsgroups – meaning that your post has nothing to do with the topic of discussion for that particular newsgroup.

Enrolling an individuals personal information at your web site causing the automated marketing system to send them emails.

Sending unwanted messages on social networks including (but not limited to) Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or any Forum Groups.

If you are going to SPAM (as outlined above) you are not allowed to include any URL that either directly points to any web page or to a page that links to any web page. You are also not allowed to mention the name DrFaye in your emails. Bottom line is wants NO part of SPAM at all. If you SPAM, stay away from us.

In addition, in order to be CanSpam compliant, all email messages must include the following items:

Your legal name or registered business name.
A current and valid email address that you check daily by which recipients may contact you or request removal.
Subject lines must not be deceptive to mislead the recipient as to the actual content of the email.
You must never forge the email headers.
A way for recipients of your email to remove themselves (unsubscribe) from future emails.
Just a Reminder for all of us to remain as diligent as we possibly can to protect those whom we serve.