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A Christian missionary can be defined as “one who is to witness across cultures”.
The Lausanne Congress of 1974, defined the term, related to Christian mission …



DrFaye is the founder and creator of “DrFaye Live” and  “Empower Me Now,” Radio Broadcasts, the ” DrFaye Live Tele-cast” and “The Global Church Live!”

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, DrFaye has traveled to both East and West Africa encouraging and assisting in the establishment and building of communities through local Apostles and Pastors. DrFaye has been privileged to ordain more than 60 Apostles in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. It is without doubt DrFaye has impacted lives around the world from The United Kingdom to Australia, from the Carribbians to Trinidad, testimonies have come due to the DrFaye Live Telecast which reached more than 118 countries. Telecast is scheduled to re-launch.

In 2007 God appointed DrFaye to take His Love to the Nations through the use of Multi-technology, Multi-Media modules. In her bold, yet tenacious persona, DrFaye did just that.  Her ministry transcends race, religion, culture and generations.  DrFaye has been blessed to speak at Conferences, Seminars and Workshops around the country, and will continue to go where ever God has called her.