Have you ever been in a position where you thought you were the only one in pain? You may be there now. Many of you will get this the first time around because you understand the meaning of feeling alone, feeling abandoned as though God has favorite children of which you are not one of them. There was a man in the Bible by the name of Elijah. Elijah had done all he could to serve God, and still he was hated.Not admired or respected as we might think or imagined him to be, but hated! Not by God, but by circumstances through those around him. Because of this, he decided God was M.I.A. Elijah felt as though God had allowed him to be led into a situation that would be to his distruction. There was no one around to comfort Elijah, no one to reassure him. He depended upon his circumstances to dictate the position and attitude of God toward himSo here’s what happened. Elijah complained to God. He whined that he was all alone and no one was there to support him. When God heard his ‘belly aching,” God turned on the light to reveal to Elijah there were 7000 others like Elijah.


Is This Not The Time To Do A Little Self-Assessment On Your Motivation For Service!?


Even though God had spoke to Elijah, directed him and appointed him for an assignment, Elijah felt different. Felt special. Felt anointed. How many of us feel “special!” Feel like God is just about, Me, Myself and I?” You know the team called “Selfishness?’ The team that truly  works alone?
God knows who and where you are, and He is right there to remind you, there are many others who have the same experience as you. You are only alone in your thoughts of being alone.
Millions of people experience heart-aches and disappointments daily. They would like to hear your story of triump over defeat. Why not turn your feelings of “alone-ness,” into an opportunity to share how the twins of  hope and faith brought you through your last moment of hopeless-ness. Tell us you story.
Until Next Time,Be InspiredDrFaye