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The Effectual FERVENT Prayers of a Righteous Man/Woman Avails Much”.

Prayer is a way of communicating with God from a place of deppe intimacy.  It not ordering God around to tell Him what you want Him to do. It is acknowledging what God our Father has already done through the blood of Jesus Christ.

There is no better way to come to know who God is than through prayer!

Through prayer we learn to exercise our faith in the Word of God. We engage the enemy through the powerful word of God that arrest him in his deception. This is exactly what Jesus did in Matthew 4.

Satan came to Jesus with temptations and Jesus came back to him with “It Is Written!”  When we come back with “It Is Written” all hell must stand at attention in definite fear and trembling.

Prayer is what every believer should develop in their daily walk with God. You will find as you develop a consistent prayer life your entire world will change.

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